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January 16, 2013

IPhone Cover- Craft Wednesday

Okay Ladies

Wednesday is here and we have our project of the Week.  This time we will be making a very easy cover for your Iphone (Smartphone)

What you need!

  • 3 pieces of different color felt
  • 3 Flowers( It could buttons, stars, blink|blink or any thing you have on hand)  to Embellished your Cover 
  • 2 black buttons for the eyes
  • and Stitching Threat ( I used Green and Blue)
  • 1 strip of velcro (to keep it closed)


  • Cut the Material 4 circles (2 little and 2 bigger) for the eyes
  • 2 triangles fir the wings
  • 1 small triangle for the noose

And stitch!!

Jackie :)

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