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April 28, 2008

Elsie Flannigan- May Challenge

Okay Girls I guess you all know Elsie Flannigan, scrapbooker/artist, and the designer of the Love, Elsie line by KI Memories. Her whimsical style and creativity has inspired thousand of scrapbookers around the world and now is our turn!

Whatever your style, Elsie Flannigan is definitely an artist anyone can relate to. Her fresh outlook on scrapbooking and her artistic approach is truly inspiring

On her style itself, Elsie says," I like to keep the basics and add fresh new pieces." She says she is excited about constantly evolving and having fun with her work

She is truely an artist and a great inspiration. Hopefully one day I will get the chance to meet her…..anyway until later……we will challenge ourselves with this challenge inspire by her!

Create a LO inspired on Elsie Style on any of these three (3) options

Option #1 Find Inspiration in Fashion, Create a LO that was base on a piece of clothing or any type of accessory

Option #2 Make our Own Corners, create original, funky and fun corners and add them to your LO

Option # 3 Start with a Number, Create a LO where the title start with a Number, this could be 10 things you like the most, your 5 favorite phone number, your age...etc

You could submit as many LO as you want, but at the end you will need to choose one as you final entry. The winner will receive a RAK of $5 from each one of the persons participating on the challenge. This challenge end May 30th

Click here for more Inspiration from Elsie's Blog:

April 24, 2008

Elsie Love- THE CHALLENGE! come and join Us!

Okay I'm completely amazed with this Lady, I'm telling you she is a genius! She is only 23 years old but her creativity is like nothing I have seen before...I love her style and freedom she create! and it shows in everything that surround her… Like her photography is so very cool!same as her creations..the other day I was looking at the Paper & Craft Magazine and this postcard was showcase..

So I look everywhere like crazy trying to find this paper so cool!! until I was able to find it and I Love it!!! the paper come in 12 x 12 and it was showcase the winter CHA convention and is from her collection Math Class. The doodles are fun and whimsical and you can even get some good card sentiments from the sheet! There's Hello, Best Friends, I Love You, Dreaming of You, and lots more. For the below card the paper was cut out so that the Hello sentiment would land in the middle of the card. You could add more fun by coloring in the doodles with Real Red, Pink Passion, Basic Black, and Copic Light Aqua markers for a better matching look!. The chipboard star is from a Maya Road chipboard collection

So here is the challenge for you..Create a project..any kind postcard, layout, alter art anything just need to use this paper and the winner will receive a RAK from me

I will Accept entries until May 25! Well now go and create your best example!!

Here is another example

April 22, 2008

Puerto Rico - Island of Enchantment

There is no place like home...Like Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz...She was so right...look at some of the pictures we took on our last trip to the Island!

Need to Love this Place!! Soon I will also post something about the great food! Yum-Ohh!

Follow your Heart

This Layout if for my youngest son Luis..he is beach lover and love to surf..I took these pictures last month when we went for vacations to Puerto Rico...The day was beautiful and the water perfect!!

This other LO is for the love of my Mom live... my two boys...everyday I thanks God for these to guys..when I was pregnant I always wanted to have a baby girl..but today I realize that I so very bless with my two boys. They are great kids!! couldn't ask for anything more! Love You!  Frank and Luis

April 19, 2008

Working With Paint

For this challenge we need to incorporate ink into our page..Humm! I'm very new into this thing of ink so I did some research and came up up this LO
If you look closely you will find paint on the left and right corner the brown was done using bubble wrap paper and the white one was done with corrugated paper .

And for the mesh heart i simply used a heart shape punch, some red paint and brads ..! Now you tried it and let me know how you did!

Doodle your prescription!

Sometime we are not ourself..or feel little bit lost well here is your prescription  for all your symptoms!  

April 18, 2008

Have you ever wondered what a psychoanalyst would think of the scribbles and sketches in the margins of all those school notebooks? Most of us, preferring to remain blissfully ignorant of the underlying psyche, agree that these sometimes elaborate motifs did wonders to juice up algebra equations! The same holds true for your scrapbook pages, as these daydream expressions are the latest in layout enhancement. To build a little confidence before drawing on your pages freehand, doodle templates and stamps are available in paper crafting stores to guide you along.
However if you are like me…and you have no talent at all in drawing! Then just combine templates and some hand drawing and forget about how it look..just have fun doing it!

The other day I was looking at my friend Guylob work..OMG she is so good…and when I see my own work I want to cry! But you know what this is not contest is just for fun! But because I’m so competitive and went to the internet and did some research and lucky me I was available to find couple of resources that I will share with you! So you don’t need to spend to much time looking!!
However you have something please share it! So we have more to see and more to learn!
Incorporating doodles into your layouts can be as easy as doodling something at the edges of the photos, to something as complex as an entire doodled background. Here are a few ideas for simple ways to add doodles to your layouts:
  • Handwrite your journaling on to doodle lines, adding some extra flourishes to a large drop cap letter at the beginning.
  • Draw doodle lines around your page, adding a few basic shapes in the corners.
  • Doodle onto a transparency and overlay that on your page.
  • Use a template to draw an outline letter and then fill in that letter with doodles.
  • Add doodles to a title or subtitle word.
  • Doodle on to a pre-made embellishment to make it your own.
  • Mix pen doodles with other random marks from paint, brads, rhinestones or thread.
Exercise your doodle, I think practice always help…here some examples that you replicate and practice before adding these ones into your page!

April 15, 2008

Hold Me Thigh!

Here is my latest Layout, On this I complete couple of challenges, flowers, felt, quote and blink.  For this LO I decide it to use as the main background color the building ...which I also used to layer my here I used a transparency.  If you look close you will see the words on the flower and the Rub-on on the photo

Some day

Even that I have my little creative space, someday I will have my own terrace where I could spread my work and may even have my photo studio! Well why not ...after all dreams do come true right? Some day I will also have very special desk, just like my Friend Megan or a space just like Anna..where colors doesn't have frontiers! take a look to this pieces of inspiration!

April 14, 2008

From where My inspiration Come!

Many time people said! "Jackie ..I didn't know you have a creative side" well my friend sometimes I also doubt it too! many times nothing come to my mind so I need to reach out and these are some of the things that help me create or rethink...look at thing with a different view

My husband is my biggest source of inspiration, he keep me going...his faith and believes are his biggest qualities. Also my inspiration come from nature..from home town

Inspiration also come from Fabrics, comics or just simple things!

Welcome To my Blog: My Obsessions or Better Said.. My Inspiration

Well here we are..finally now lets talk about our obsseions..Well tricky ahh! so let me start with my own ones! and then you will need to share yours..Okay..:)

Food Network....OMG love to watch this Channel...I havw tried some of the recipes and they are pretty Good!!..but my Kids are very traditional on their eating..You know kids! But soon when my Older Son go to College and my little one eat something more than BBK ! I will be able to add more ideas to my kitchen..for now Rice-Beans with Cocoroco (chicken) LOL

For just enjoying the channel!

Some of my favorite Chef are Ina, Rachael and Alton he is crazy!

look for more!

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