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October 31, 2008

Funny Halloween 2008

Just some funny pictures of my son Luis and his crazy friends ...having some fun with "Trick-o-Trick". I guess we will never be too old to have some fun and lots of Candy!

Here is Luis ...He got the look!!

Here my Friend Karina beautiful daughters! Amaris and Alanis! they are wild and funny!

October 25, 2008


Hello Everyone!

Just came back from my trip to Europe...No is was not for pleasure was work! however ..I during the trip I manage to take a couple of pictures that I will like to share with you..

During my trip to took a quick walk around the center of basel and there was two things that capture my attention. The first one was this beautiful lady playing the accordion...for some reason it reminds me the lady with the birds on the Mary Popping movie...

The other was, the old man selling one of favorite winter treats! Warm Chesnuts! ...a very clasic thing you will find all over Basel this time of the year!

The city was beautiful and the weather is a take of one on the two main bridges that connect the city with the rest of the land

October 22, 2008

Mont Blanc Mountain-Nyon

Mont Blanc-Nyon
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I just arrived to France by train from Basel…I’m completely dizzy..what a ride! ..but I survived and here I am ready for work, of course!! ...but before working..I could not help myself and as soon as I arrived to Les Hotels DeRive, I saw this breathtaking view of the Mont Blanc Mountain! The Town is beautiful full of vineyards and incredible buildings and houses full of character ..OMG what a beautiful place!! Tomorrow or maybe Friday, before I leave I will try to take more pictures!! I hope so!!

October 21, 2008

The Rhein river

Hello my blog friends! Sorry I havent been able to post this week, but I'm actually away from home! I'm Switzerlan, in a liitle town called Basel, just at the left of Zurich. Small funny place, full of bikes and tramps! Yea! basically that is all you can see everywhere. There are couple of nice tradicional stress and the local chocoloate is goooood! Here is photo to share so you could have a little bit of Basel too...soon I will post more....Tomorrow I be in France, anothor little town call Geneva (this was Christofer Columbus home town) as soon as I have photo I will upload it!! For now cheers!

the Rhein river
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October 12, 2008

Creative Photography Retreat!

CPR has been the best retreat seminar I have ever take! This past October 10-13, in Stamford, Connecticut I was able to meet the most amazing photography instructors and a great group of amazing and talented friends!

I was surrounded by inspiring photographers who like me came to CPR to learn from some of the industry’s most qualified photographers and inspirational scrapbook experts. CPR’s interactive classes provided me with hands-on experience and opened my eyes to the top techniques for capturing everyday moments, creating priceless portraits, and will help make my photographs better than ever, not that I'm a "professional" but for sure I came out with a great set of tool that for sure will help me get better and enjoy more this wonderful word of Photo and Scrap...Or like Lisa B. said ..From now on ..I'm a SCRAPHOTOGRAFER!

During these days we played and we learned! My team of scavenger hunters were Dawn, Jenn, Kelly, and Marish! Wonderful girls! here our group photo

Additionally during these day we took a couple of photoshop courses and even that I didn't have any computer with me I was able to come home and start to play with what I learned.. obviously after much trouble, as all the program I had..were oooooold versions! I still need to get camara raw! :o( I haven't been able to find how to open it!!! some examples of the PS and Macro lens photos

October 05, 2008

Here My Two Latest LO!

This Guy is my Little One and My Joy! He is the most sweet boy in the entire world!!..and he loves Guitar Hero! So for the Scrap-Pack challenge of October I decide it to do this LO in honor of his passion for the game!

This one I made it last night...As most of you know my Son Angel left for college this last August...and as any mom...I miss him..The other night I was at his room and this thought came to my I did this LO based on that thought!

October 04, 2008

Something wild!

Something wild!
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This Photo was taken at the Zoo inside 6 flags, NJ..the poor tigers was going back and forward as the zoo employees were getting ready his food! He was a hungry one!! But for me it looks so imposing! Amazing Animal!

look for more!

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