Work with Pages and understanding Art Journaling

August 21, 2017

Scribble Scribble!! LOVEEEEE

Hello Bloggers!
So little many things....So with a Total SOLD OUT of my next work in less than two hours and almost sold of my September literally going crazy!

Creating art, looking for inspiration...thinking some new things for my next magazine publication! in October and 2 in Dec!  Im telling i have no time!

But yesterday ...i just stop and took a little play with these juice scribbles sticks! Love them so juice a full of colors...I f have to try them..well you should! :)

Here are some sneak peeks of some art im working on my Journal!

Jackie :)

August 10, 2017

When We want to Create But don't Have Much Time!

So busy days at work.... basically no time for nothing and when I get home Im so tired that i don't what to start a long project...have you being there???

Well when im so busy what i normally do or I lean towards to are Tags...I thing they are easy, fun projects i can later add to my journals and have even more fun! :)  

Here some example with some Dina's Stamps!

Jackie :)

August 09, 2017

Love at 1st Sight!

Happy Wednesday !

Sharing with you some inspiration!  this amazing marking Journal from AALL...Love everything about it the colors, the size ...the markings! 💗

Take a close look to these pages ...there is no specific patterns or symmetry ....but there are layers ..many layers....which means that in order to see each of those layers, you need to wait for each one to dry to avoid muddy colors! and get these amazing results and stunning colors!👀

2nd Inspiration today came from a walk @ Walmart LOL Yes!! while doing grocery shopping! LOL  
Love this sign and word ART- and Vintage ...the Doris Day, Audrey and even Alfred Hitchcock's movie covers and The Birds.. OMG were so great!  So something will be coming from this for my "Once Upon a Time" Journal Workshop, which i will teaching in October! 🎃...So stay Tune!

And What Inspire You today????
 Jackie 💟

Overwhelm by So Many Art Journaling Techniques and Where to Start?

Hello Fellow Bloggers!
Overwhelm??Me too 😁 ...As much as I love art journaling, there are times I feel overwhelmed by the amount of techniques and styles out there that I want to try. A spin through Pinterest gets me inspired and dazed at the same time, which is counterproductive to getting anything done in my journal! I’ve found a great solution, though: Mixed Media Techniques for Art Journaling, a project-based book and a workbook in one that allows you to practice techniques right then and there on blank pages, so everything is in one place. Convenient, no? and  the price i think is quite reasonable 4$... the book give the basic foundation material on Mixed Media techniques and how to applied those in your journal...the pictures and examples  I need to accept are a little bit out dated, but the concepts still valid and they are well explained just need to learn and adapt the technic to your style!  Try it..i think is a good start and a little investment :)!
Happy Journaling!

Jackie :)

August 08, 2017

Art Journal Challenge Week 15# Back To School

Here is the Challenge of this Week ...

Choose your favorite subject and the element that goes with it. You have to choose at least one subject/Element ... You can choose more Subjects as long as you also add the element.
Subject: Sciences.       Element:   Periodic Table
Subject: English          Element:   Dictionaries
Subject: History          Element:   Map
Subject: Spanish.        Element:   Typewriter
Subject: Mathematics Element:   Numbers
Subject: Physical Education. Element: Bicycle
Subject: Home Economics:        Sponge Cake

Have Fun!
Jackie :)

August 07, 2017

Working with Pages and understanding Art Journaling


Un Art Journal es lo mismo que un Journal escrito, excepto que incorporas colores, imágenes, patrones y otros materiales. Algunos Art Journals tienen mucha escritura, mientras que otros están puramente llenos de imágenes. Es una forma de expresión única y creatividad y expresión de TU arte.

¿Qué es un Art Journal ? Un Art Journal es una libreta/libro que creamos y que nos ayuda con la ansiedad, expresión de sentimientos, plasmar ideas, conceptos, buscar inspiración, quitarnos el stress ... hacer algo que nos haga reír y nos que quite las preocupaciones 🤓...


La belleza de Art Journaling es que todo vale. Es un espacio sin obstáculos donde puedes expresar y explorar tus sentimientos a través de imágenes, escritura y simplemente darte el lujo de volver a jugar. Es una salida saludable y expresiva al final del día y una de las mejores formas de terminar un día stresado! 

Independientemente si usted tiene o no el  "talento" o formación arte, todo lo que necesita en Art Journaling es algunos materiales de arte simples y su disposición a jugar con esos materiales. ¡Tu Art journal es tuyo y si no quieres,  no lo tienes que mostrar a nadie! Es tu forma personal de expresión... eres tú en un Journal 🙃

Esto es lo que me encanta del Art Journaling.  Mis páginas pasan con frecuencia por varias etapas y capas. A menudo añado mis sentimientos en las páginas que hago ya sea por escrito, o al "garabatear" un poco con un pincel o lápiz . No me preocupo por lo que parece, solo me permito "dejarlo todo en la página" nadie lo tiene que entender o ver solo tu y eso se siente bien 🤓. A menudo esta práctica ayuda a bajar el estrés, sacar las cosas del pecho, o averiguar exactamente lo que te está molestando acerca de una situación particular. Muchas personas añaden peticiones de oraciones a lápiz antes de añadir el Gesso y luego todo queda cubierto y solo tú sabes que hay detrás de todo lo que creaste... lo cual hace tus páginas y tú Journaling más interesante! 😊

La siguiente etapa, luego que añadiste tu capa de Gesso es la creación de tu página .. esto puede de ser de un tema, una frase, un sentimiento... en fin no hay límites puedes hacer todo lo que quieres 😊

Aquí hay algunas muestras de los tipos de arte que podría hacer en tu Art Journaling :

look for more!

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