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August 09, 2017

Overwhelm by So Many Art Journaling Techniques and Where to Start?

Hello Fellow Bloggers!
Overwhelm??Me too 😁 ...As much as I love art journaling, there are times I feel overwhelmed by the amount of techniques and styles out there that I want to try. A spin through Pinterest gets me inspired and dazed at the same time, which is counterproductive to getting anything done in my journal! I’ve found a great solution, though: Mixed Media Techniques for Art Journaling, a project-based book and a workbook in one that allows you to practice techniques right then and there on blank pages, so everything is in one place. Convenient, no? and  the price i think is quite reasonable 4$... the book give the basic foundation material on Mixed Media techniques and how to applied those in your journal...the pictures and examples  I need to accept are a little bit out dated, but the concepts still valid and they are well explained just need to learn and adapt the technic to your style!  Try it..i think is a good start and a little investment :)!
Happy Journaling!

Jackie :)

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