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February 26, 2010

Super Funky!

Just fun this Lady photos in Flickr! and I' just totally in Love with her unique style! she same as me Love Color ..but she is way more courage than me..She is Not afraid to express her true self!

Here is a Slide show of her amazing photography!! She called Bench Monday! and I just think is So freaking or Original! Her Name Jek in a Box

Puerto Rico...It is home

Here is a LO made from the last set of pictures I took from my holiday trip to the Island!! Puerto is well know for it beautiful beaches, great food and scenic Views! I hope some day you could visit the Isla..I know you will like it as much as I do!

Credits: Holiday Giggles By Kim Hill CG Essential

February 25, 2010

My 10 year Anniversary Celebration

July 1st, 2000...yeap ... almost 10 years of marriage!! this July my dear hubby and I celebrate our 10th anniversary..cant believe how fast the time goes!

We met in Cork, Ireland...but are both from Bayamon, PR..can you believed that!! at the beginning many of our friends were not happy about our relation as we were so different in character! he is very serious and well..the total opposite!! but I guess that is part of our magic as a Couple!! but...I will not tell the entire story will be a little bit with each Im planning to create many LO about this celebration this year!! :)

Materials: This LO was made with the Kit from Kim Hill, Youngest Love available at CS Essentials

Casting Crowns Concert

Last Saturday, our New Church..and new because it just being planted !! We area a small group and its the most beautiful experience there is so much to do...well for my church..I'm leading the couples and the women this is the 1st activity I coordinated as couples..and it was amazing!! this group is so talented! If you haven't hear them here is also a small video!!

If you live in Jersey and will like to check our church!! here is the address 5 glenn rd, Sparta, NJ and here is the link to our Women Ministry!
Materials used to create this LO come from Kim Hill @ CG Essentials, and the name of the kit Holidays Giggles

February 22, 2010

Trouble Controling your Weight??

Okay Ladies...I was checking out some stuff in the web..again!! I know!!!! and founded some super funny cartoons about weight lost! and after all who doesn't struggle with that..Right!! After my lost weight of 75 pounds I though I will never need to worry about diets again! Yea ..right! ..Well No....We all need to watch over that weight scale!!

I will share my story and how I loose all the weight of these days...or if you just can't wait to know how..just leave a comment and I will get back to you!! Here the cartoons! they are very funny! hope you like it!

Some Puerto Rican Flavors!!

For Many years combining red wine with fish was a "NO, NO" because of the culinary theories but Thanks God we live in times where we can be as creative as we want and still okay!!:) with Gurus!!. This a recipe I being playing with it for quite some time and is base on a traditional PR dish. Coming from an Island, it is very common to see the influence of the ocean in many of ours dishes!! This is a very nice and rich recipe ...that I hope you will enjoy and try it is very easy to make!

Bon Appetite!.

4 servings of white fish (sea bass, turbot, grouper and marlin)
Salt and pepper
Olive oil
1 / 2 onion chopped
3 cloves garlic
1 cup red wine
1 / 4 cup (or less) of sugar. I like to add 2 to 3 tbsp sugar, no more.
1 / 4 cup balsamic vinegar
Coriander chopped
2 tbsp butter

Procedure: Marinate fish with a little salt and pepper. Brown to the pan in a little olive oil first by both sides, then cook over medium heat, turning often until cooked (12 to 16 minutes, depending on the thickness of the portion). Remove from skillet and arrange on a platter, cover and keep warm in preparing the sauce. In the same pan heat a little oil and some butter and cook onion with garlic until shiny. Add wine, balsamic and sugar and boil. Reduce heat to maintain a gentle boil until thickened. Add butter and stir in moving. Taste and adjust the seasoning. Add the coriander and serve immediately over fish.

February 21, 2010

Sponsor a World Vision Child

Here is one more LO for the TDS Magazine..This was made for the World Vision Program!! I personally sponson two Kids Aron and Etabo..and is a wonderful way to make a positive impact in the of a child! Please consider sponsor a child too!!

February 19, 2010

Flashback Fridays! CHANLLENGE with Prizes!

Hello Everyone!!
I was surfing and looking in to web..when I came across an Oldie that I really ..really like when I was Little!!

Back in the Island "where I grow up" there was no such thing as Cable or Dish Network...but I remember that every Friday I will be in front of our TV waiting for my Favorites TV Shows!!

So in remembrance of those old TV shows that we used to enjoy so much..I'm Creating a new Challenge...Every Week for 3 weeks I will Choose and Old TV Show that I used to Love and you will Create a LO that will incorporate this show on could be the way of its colors, it could the title, it could be the show it self..well in general..anything that I could tell is coming from the theme of the week! LO's need to be new as for Today (Feb 19) and need to TRADITIONAL LO Only. Add Need to have at least 5 participants

Prize: One weekly Prize of 10$ Gift Cards of your favorite Scrap store
Prize: Challenge Winner at the end of the 3rd week, 20$ gift card

Your Week 1 Theme is : A Dream Of Jennie...My all time Favorite
Here is the picture and the Color Pallet color you could used in any combination as far as you use this ones

Here are Your Colors for Inspiration ! (or you could used any other from Dream Of Jennie)

Here is the Video of the Show!! Ahhhh So Many good Memories!!

February 18, 2010

March is the Month of Charity!

The girls at The Daily Scrapper Magazine asked me to create couple of LO's for their March theme "Charity" an active member of my Church and a true believer this is a theme very dear to my heart...While i was creating these LO..I was thinking... as a Christian..what do charity really means too me?

Christian charity tends to have a variety of different meanings. Some people believe it is simply showing love to the poor, while others feel that Christians are called to show the love of Christ through their daily lives. Showing the love of God through charitable acts is something all Christians can do.

Many dictionaries define charity as “Christian love.” This form of Christian love is also described as agape love -- "the love of Christians for other persons, corresponding to the love of God for humankind."

But lets take the definition out of books and done some real Christian Charity in Practical Action. There are many practical opportunities for you to show Christian charity. People are in need of help on a daily basis, and you can help by donating money to the less fortunate, helping at a soup kitchen, donating food or clothing, writing encouraging notes, volunteering at your church, and so on. Look for needs and help fill them. Utilize technology to locate the wide variety of Christian charity organizations that exist. It is easier than ever to find people in need.

This why I was some happy to collaborate with the TDS Magazine! as everyone who purchase any of the kids features on the March Issue profits will use to help people in need!! Hope you will consider help too in anyway you can!!

February 17, 2010

Romantic Love

Just totally in love with the new Line of Graphic45 LE' ROMANTIQUE!! Here is quick LO I just did because I need to play with it!! LOL!!...Tomorrow I will do something with more details!! I'm just very tired and sleepy today!


February 13, 2010

Unexpected Ending

Hello Everyone!

Yes, I'm back prior to expected!! My romantic getaway got crushed!! The weather only allowed us to get up to Virginia!.... :o( Roads were a mess and another storm was coming!! we got stock in Maryland Rt 15 for 4 hrs!! So after all that drama..we decided to return..So sad ..but at least I was able to spend sometime with my Hubby and we were able to stop in Alexandria, VA were my Brother in Law lives and have dinner at a very Nice Spanish Restaurant..we ate Spanish Paella, Tapas and enjoyed some nice Flamenco music and dancers!

February 11, 2010

Dont Forget!!

Dear Friends, finally the day has come!! We are leaving today to Savanna, GA for our Romantic Getaway trip!! after a totally snowy day yesterday we are just packing the final things and we will be in our way!! So Happy!! So I will try to stay away from my computer the next days!! But I will be back with Pictures, LO's and Stories ....Hope you miss me!!

Here a quick view of paradise

February 10, 2010

Sketch Challenge- Week 2

Okay here is the Sketch for week!! and here is my take on the challenge! I did one boys looking and one more Woodstock Jippe looking...Now you can try

The Sketch

My Boy LO...

And Here is my Woodstock-Jippe LO'! So Groovy!

One Thing I Love

One of my 2010 resolutions was to read more....this is quality that I really admire in my Hubby..he read and read and all the time he is looking for something new to my case I will buy a book read the ending and then procrastinate and procrastinate the reading!! I know ... I read so slow that it just drive me crazy!! but the other day Linsey, my pastor daughter..(who love to read) told something that it really make me think!! she said ..."it doesn't matter how long it take..who body is counting the days...just keep reading...even if is just a page a day" and you know what I think she is totally right!! So for my dear Linsey is this LO and My new book...I just started to read!!
My New Book

February 09, 2010

Back To Basic!

Okay ladies I need to accept...It has being more than 6 months since my last Traditional LO. I being so busy and engaged with all the digital work and because is so easy to clean-up (Oups...there no clean-up in digi) that I became a little bit lazy! But this year is my 10th wedding anniversary and I need it to Scrap about it and then being able to displayed in my living room..So I have done couple of LO's but some of then are going to be used by a Scrapbook Magazine..but here is one new one about us ..hope you like it!!

And Here some Details about the LO

February 07, 2010

February Sketch Challenge- Week 1

Hi Ladies,
My friend Jaime is running her Sketch challenge again this month..and I'm just loving this challenge more and more...for the Month of the LOVE...we are going to work with four sketches that jamie will give us! So for this week here is the my take on the sketch....

February 03, 2010

Hope For Haiti

An incredible group of talented women, has come tougher to create the most amazing Digital Kit to raise founds to help HAITI...the kit is just incredible and Beautiful and all founds will go directly to help the needy..Therefore; if your planning to help I Strongly suggest that you consider to buy this kit! and at the same time help all those kids...which are in much need!

Here is the can see is just amazing!!

Celebrating Motherhood

For the Artistic Challenge- February

look for more!

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