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February 13, 2010

Unexpected Ending

Hello Everyone!

Yes, I'm back prior to expected!! My romantic getaway got crushed!! The weather only allowed us to get up to Virginia!.... :o( Roads were a mess and another storm was coming!! we got stock in Maryland Rt 15 for 4 hrs!! So after all that drama..we decided to return..So sad ..but at least I was able to spend sometime with my Hubby and we were able to stop in Alexandria, VA were my Brother in Law lives and have dinner at a very Nice Spanish Restaurant..we ate Spanish Paella, Tapas and enjoyed some nice Flamenco music and dancers!


TeenaBugg38 said... sorry to hear your weekend getaway plans were messed up......order in and snuggle up with hubby and enjoy your time's not where you are , it's the fact that you are together that matters! happy valentine's day!!!

Jackie said...

You are so Sweet! And I think you are so can have fun and a great time dosent matter were you are...Happy V-day 4U2

look for more!

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