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February 18, 2010

March is the Month of Charity!

The girls at The Daily Scrapper Magazine asked me to create couple of LO's for their March theme "Charity" an active member of my Church and a true believer this is a theme very dear to my heart...While i was creating these LO..I was thinking... as a Christian..what do charity really means too me?

Christian charity tends to have a variety of different meanings. Some people believe it is simply showing love to the poor, while others feel that Christians are called to show the love of Christ through their daily lives. Showing the love of God through charitable acts is something all Christians can do.

Many dictionaries define charity as “Christian love.” This form of Christian love is also described as agape love -- "the love of Christians for other persons, corresponding to the love of God for humankind."

But lets take the definition out of books and done some real Christian Charity in Practical Action. There are many practical opportunities for you to show Christian charity. People are in need of help on a daily basis, and you can help by donating money to the less fortunate, helping at a soup kitchen, donating food or clothing, writing encouraging notes, volunteering at your church, and so on. Look for needs and help fill them. Utilize technology to locate the wide variety of Christian charity organizations that exist. It is easier than ever to find people in need.

This why I was some happy to collaborate with the TDS Magazine! as everyone who purchase any of the kids features on the March Issue profits will use to help people in need!! Hope you will consider help too in anyway you can!!

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