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May 21, 2008

Miss Potter, My Most recent Movie

Hello Friends!

I need to talk about this movie I just watched the other with Rene Zellweger and Ewan McGregor.

Is such a sweet and beautiful need to see one of those movies to watch in your bedroom with a big bowl of ice cream and in your cozy and comfortable bed! The movie is about the story of Beatrix Potter, the author of the beloved and best-selling children's book, "The Tale of Peter Rabbit", and her struggle for love, happiness and just wonderful. But the part I like the most is when he (Ewan) tried to teach her how to dance!! and the song is so beautiful! well you could see it I’m sure you will love it! ..I will post the video so you could enjoy it too! Take my advise, if you like pink girly movies !! this is the movie for is really life story..

This are the lyrics

Let Me Teach You How To Dance
Let me lead you to the floor
Simply place your hand in mine
And then think of nothing more
Let the music cast its spell
Give the atmosphere a chance
Simply follow where i lead
Let Me Teach You How To Dance

May 07, 2008

Memories Expo Findings

Hello everyone, Well this past weekend I was the NJ Memories Expo! for those who doesn't know what is this expo..well is a big scrapbooking event where vendors exhibit their "best" and "latest" products on the market! As you can imagine my expectations were pretty high! Well the day stared Raining!

After more than an hour driving finally ! got there!! The parking was pack! but it was okay..I only need to walk like 10 miles to get there!! Once at the Expo ...WOW! the SEI Truck!

Now we are talking! so I immediately ran to the ticket place, bought my ticket and I was ready to shop, shop until I drop! The place was pretty pack! take a pick!

So after couple of hours walking, bumping into others and looking, and looking these were my findings..not as many as I was expecting! But Good Stuff!

Love the Word and the topiary .... just need it to be alter and they will be ready to be display at my Etsy Store!
Some other findings!

Love these stamps!! and the alcohol inks!! So Cool!!

Here a short video of the Expo!

Hope you Like it!!
See ya soon!

May 06, 2008

A sneak peak into my scraproom!

Everyone always asked me were I create or how do my area looks so here is some pictures!
My Corner (Mi Esquinita)

My Rubber Stamp Corner (Almacen de Sellos de Goma)

Some of my Punches! (Algunos de mis ponches)

Some of my Pattern Paper (algunos de mis papeles..)

Got Prima! (Algunas floresitas!)

Some Ribbons!

Paper, Tools and some other stuff!

Inspiration is Everywhere!

You don't have to be Ali Edwards to come up with inspiration for your scrapbook pages ideas that reflect your personal style.

Whether you are creating your first Layout (LO) or creating your number 5K, Scrapbooking inspiration and ideas can be found in all sorts of places! You don't have to have a degree in design, photography or any other thing - to create awe-inspiring and incredible pages to preserve your memories. Successful scrapbooking comes from knowing what you like and what works for you, experimenting with what you don’t know, and don't be afraid to try new things. For example take a look to these flowers…they come from a web-site, but as soon as I look at them ...1000 of ideas came to my mind for new pages and endless combinations of colors!
Now there are some fundamentals that you must Journaling. Journaling on a scrapbook page is an important element in the scrapbook process. It tells the story and the details that will otherwise be forgotten. Sometimes I get stuck, though. What should I write? What do I want to write? At these times I look for journaling inspiration. It's often easier to find than I realize. I encounter many things in my daily life that can lead to a good journaling idea.
Here are a few places to find inspiration:

Advertising. Look around you. The sales pitch for an advertisement can spark an idea for journaling on a layout. For example, I noticed a clever tag line on a Whole Foods grocery bag. With a few changes in the wording I adapted it for a layout. Phrases in Magazines, TV adds, books, even at the supermarket!

Now look around, in sure you will find that inspiration you are looking for!

May 04, 2008

Prom Day Preparations!!

Oh well I guess can’t stop him and he will need to graduate from High School and go to college!!

Even that my heart is breaking in pieces just to think about it! Yes, my dear oldest son Angel is a senior this year! And in August will be heading south! To Arkansas!!

This Saturday we went for Tux selection! OMG !! He looks so handsome! The prom is May 22!! Here the Tux he selected I think is very masculine and he will look great on it!! His date is wearing a Yellow dress so we choose just the tie to match...I didn’t want him to look like big bird !! with too much yellow :o)

Here is a pick of his Tux!! Soon Will publish the LO!!

look for more!

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