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May 04, 2008

Prom Day Preparations!!

Oh well I guess can’t stop him and he will need to graduate from High School and go to college!!

Even that my heart is breaking in pieces just to think about it! Yes, my dear oldest son Angel is a senior this year! And in August will be heading south! To Arkansas!!

This Saturday we went for Tux selection! OMG !! He looks so handsome! The prom is May 22!! Here the Tux he selected I think is very masculine and he will look great on it!! His date is wearing a Yellow dress so we choose just the tie to match...I didn’t want him to look like big bird !! with too much yellow :o)

Here is a pick of his Tux!! Soon Will publish the LO!!

1 comment:

Nany said...

wow que elegante... esperamos ver prontito esas fotos de mama orgullosa....el mio pasa a la intermedia asi que tambien estoy de graduacion....

look for more!

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