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May 07, 2008

Memories Expo Findings

Hello everyone, Well this past weekend I was the NJ Memories Expo! for those who doesn't know what is this expo..well is a big scrapbooking event where vendors exhibit their "best" and "latest" products on the market! As you can imagine my expectations were pretty high! Well the day stared Raining!

After more than an hour driving finally ! got there!! The parking was pack! but it was okay..I only need to walk like 10 miles to get there!! Once at the Expo ...WOW! the SEI Truck!

Now we are talking! so I immediately ran to the ticket place, bought my ticket and I was ready to shop, shop until I drop! The place was pretty pack! take a pick!

So after couple of hours walking, bumping into others and looking, and looking these were my findings..not as many as I was expecting! But Good Stuff!

Love the Word and the topiary .... just need it to be alter and they will be ready to be display at my Etsy Store!
Some other findings!

Love these stamps!! and the alcohol inks!! So Cool!!

Here a short video of the Expo!

Hope you Like it!!
See ya soon!


Kristie Bentley said...

Oh my! Looks like you had an awesome trip! TFS, and I love those stamps! What brand are they?

LuckyGirl's Crafty Corner said...

Hi Jackie, sorry I missed you at expo.. I called but maybe you had left by then? I went on Friday at 4:30 pm, maybe you went Saturday...
It was pouring rain!! BOOOO!

anyway, looks like you got some good stuff. I got some brass stencils and some pastel chalks that don't smudge. I'm going back to basics with simple embossing... fun! We'll have to catch up another time. See you soon! Adriene

look for more!

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