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October 25, 2008


Hello Everyone!

Just came back from my trip to Europe...No is was not for pleasure was work! however ..I during the trip I manage to take a couple of pictures that I will like to share with you..

During my trip to took a quick walk around the center of basel and there was two things that capture my attention. The first one was this beautiful lady playing the accordion...for some reason it reminds me the lady with the birds on the Mary Popping movie...

The other was, the old man selling one of favorite winter treats! Warm Chesnuts! ...a very clasic thing you will find all over Basel this time of the year!

The city was beautiful and the weather is a take of one on the two main bridges that connect the city with the rest of the land

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Lisa Trombitas - said...

Jackie - Miss you lots - it's been forever! Saw Adriene last night, and she sent me a link to your blog. You are an amazing photographer! What a great eye you have!

I'm loving your scrapping style, too! Very funky & eclectic. There's something on every page that I love. You've got it going on!

Hope all's well!

look for more!

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