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April 18, 2008

Have you ever wondered what a psychoanalyst would think of the scribbles and sketches in the margins of all those school notebooks? Most of us, preferring to remain blissfully ignorant of the underlying psyche, agree that these sometimes elaborate motifs did wonders to juice up algebra equations! The same holds true for your scrapbook pages, as these daydream expressions are the latest in layout enhancement. To build a little confidence before drawing on your pages freehand, doodle templates and stamps are available in paper crafting stores to guide you along.
However if you are like me…and you have no talent at all in drawing! Then just combine templates and some hand drawing and forget about how it look..just have fun doing it!

The other day I was looking at my friend Guylob work..OMG she is so good…and when I see my own work I want to cry! But you know what this is not contest is just for fun! But because I’m so competitive and went to the internet and did some research and lucky me I was available to find couple of resources that I will share with you! So you don’t need to spend to much time looking!!
However you have something please share it! So we have more to see and more to learn!
Incorporating doodles into your layouts can be as easy as doodling something at the edges of the photos, to something as complex as an entire doodled background. Here are a few ideas for simple ways to add doodles to your layouts:
  • Handwrite your journaling on to doodle lines, adding some extra flourishes to a large drop cap letter at the beginning.
  • Draw doodle lines around your page, adding a few basic shapes in the corners.
  • Doodle onto a transparency and overlay that on your page.
  • Use a template to draw an outline letter and then fill in that letter with doodles.
  • Add doodles to a title or subtitle word.
  • Doodle on to a pre-made embellishment to make it your own.
  • Mix pen doodles with other random marks from paint, brads, rhinestones or thread.
Exercise your doodle, I think practice always help…here some examples that you replicate and practice before adding these ones into your page!

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