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April 14, 2008

Welcome To my Blog: My Obsessions or Better Said.. My Inspiration

Well here we are..finally now lets talk about our obsseions..Well tricky ahh! so let me start with my own ones! and then you will need to share yours..Okay..:)

Food Network....OMG love to watch this Channel...I havw tried some of the recipes and they are pretty Good!!..but my Kids are very traditional on their eating..You know kids! But soon when my Older Son go to College and my little one eat something more than BBK ! I will be able to add more ideas to my kitchen..for now Rice-Beans with Cocoroco (chicken) LOL

For just enjoying the channel!

Some of my favorite Chef are Ina, Rachael and Alton he is crazy!

1 comment:

Nany said...

I'm crazy addicted to this channel too...haha

look for more!

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