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January 21, 2013

DYI Wood Birdhouse- ModPodge Project

Hi Crafters!

Happy Monday!  Well, good news..I finally decided to create a little Scrapbooking in my Town! After looking and looking..I was not able to find any clubs close to my house and no-one to Scrap with!  So I thought!! I cant be the only around here who like this stuff!!  LOL...So I created "The New Scrapbooking Club"  and for my surprise I already have 6 members!!  That was so fast!  I knew..I was not the only one looking for a club!!   

So this up coming Saturday we are actually having our 1st meet-up  "lets play with Paper"..Im so happy...hopefully some of them will come! LOL

Now for us the Cyber Scrapper!  I decided to do a little project!  with something new to me but NOT new in the market!  Actually this product has being out there ..i think for centuries!  LOL but is new to me!!  

So here you go Mod Podge!  I know! I know..but really this is my 1st time using this stuff!!

So if you are like me a beginning Podger? Welcome! I’m pleased to introduce you to your new addiction. I think the best way to learn to use Mod Podge is to jump in (that’s what I did), so I’ve put together a collection of Mod Podge Birdhouses that I believe will inspire you – for home decor. All of these are relatively easy and as a beginner, you should be able to handle these for your first try. And if you should need a little instruction, please leave your questions on the comments. I’m always here to help. Enjoy!

  • Wood Birdhouses from Jo-Ann (.50cents each)
  • Mod Podge (small Bottle)
  • Scrapbook Paper  (i used My Mind Eyes collection)
  • Some Ribbons
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Birds from Michaels (very small)
  • And a Bunch of embislishments I had around in my studio
  • A little bit of imagination, LOL

Hope You like it!

1 comment:

My Spy Birdhouse said...

Creating the club seems like a great decision plus you got new members and friends most importantly. Nice post.

look for more!

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