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September 29, 2009

65 Pounds less and 10 dress sizes smaller!

Yeap as many of you know I started a very strict diet last October because I was having serious issues with the mirror, my back and my hips!!..but more than anything with the Freaking Mirror! I hated to go shopping as everything I liked was too little for my big bud! I was really frustrated at that time..So I decided to do something to change I refuses to shop at the Plus Store! (which I anyway did couple of times) :(

Any after all that drama, I can said, I'm 65 pounds less and I'm now size 6 ...Yeea! the problem now...and there is always a problem ..right? Now I have No cloths to ware!! So now I'm the Queen of Fashionismo! I want everything is inn for fashion but with a limmitted budget! Ja..I know I'm incredible...So I cant spend much...but seriously I have nothing to ware!

Therefore, I'm accepting donations,...any piece of clothing (preferable vintage) size 6 or 7 it will be more that welcome!!..just leave a note and I will send my address and $$ for shipping!

In the meantime and to celebrate the art of Fashionismo here are some LO's made with Joyce Paul new kit Serenditipy, available at CATSCRAP

Let me know in me comment session if you would like to donate any or just some of this!! It will be a real blessing!

I'm specially looking for:
Long Skirts,
boots 8.5,


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