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September 03, 2009

My 3 Passions in Life!

Hi Everyone!
As you know three passions in life are Scrapbooking Of Course!! Photography and Cooking! Well about the last one..Im just so inspired by the Movie Julie & Julia that I definitely need to write about it and of Course Need to Create a LO to display my passion! :)

Well let me tell you a little bit this wonderfull movie and 2 true stories!

Julie & Julia the movie, in one word? So Inspirational

Photo from Julie & Julie the movie The Julie & Julia movie tells two stories: one of the infamous Julia Child and her rise to the top of the Foodie Food Chain, and the other of a young woman searching for her place in life.
The movie takes us from Julia Child’s first meal in Paris to her home in Cambridge, MA where she sees her book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, finally published. Simultaneously, we are introduced to Julie Powell who has found herself at a crossroads, about to turn 30, and trying to deal with the fact that she is not where she’d like to be in her life. She sets out to challenge herself, to cook all 524 recipes from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking in one year, and she decides to blog about it. As a result, she is led exactly to where she has always wanted to be.

The word that best describes my feeling about this movie most is inspirational. I left the theater refreshed, renewed, and determined to use my own culinary training even more. This movie fueled my passion for food in such an unexpected way. I too am now pouring over the recipes in Mastering the Art of French Cooking looking for ways to challenge myself in the kitchen and in life.

Photo from Julie & Julie the movie Meryl Streep did a wonderful job as Julia Child, showing us the woman behind the name. She was more than just this outspoken amazon with the funny voice teaching people how to cook. She had a love of food that was positively infectious, it seemed that everyone who dined with her couldn’t help but be just as excited about the meal to come as she was. I loved how the movie not only showcased Julia’s passion for food, but the passion and love she had for her husband, Paul. They were an incredible couple who truly loved and enjoyed each other, that alone I felt was the driving force for Julia during a time when she herself was unsure about what to do next in her life.

As for Julie Powell’s story, I’d had always felt the Julie/Julia Project was a bit of a stunt. That Julie, after sitting back and watching many friends produce successful careers was feeling sorry for herself and was desperate to make something happen. I have always been able to relate to someone in that situation, as I too often felt like I was far behind everyone else in terms of career success. But after watching the movie I get that Julie needed this project, she needed something to help propel her forward and to prepare her for what the future had in store. Amy Adams did a fantastic job with the role of Julie Powell. although at times the character was a little whiny. In the end you were happy to see that she finally made it.

For me, perhaps, the best part of this movie was that magical third co-star, the food. From Julia Child’s first bite of Sole Meunière, to Julie Powell’s succulent Duck en Croute, as I sat watching these two woman cook one fabulous dish after the next I reminisced about the first time I had the pleasure of making or eating the many dishes featured in the film. My own husband leaning over and whispering in my ear, “I remember when you made that, it sure was good”. That really does make it all worth it. I say all of this to tell you that you must go see this movie, go by yourself, with your spouse, your mom, little sister, whoever. It really doesn’t matter, just go. But beware, because when you leave you will discover that you have fallen in love with Julia and with Food all over again.

Foodie Talk
Written by Heather Jones

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