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February 28, 2013

Hello Darling! Missing me??

Hello my dear Followers

Snowblowers! what a joke!! we needed a Big Truck!!

Sorry I was MIA...a whole bunch of stuff was going on at home these days...From the Storm..Over 36 inches of show, no power, heat or water and stock in the house for over 4 days!  I know, it was bad !  Here take a look (below Pictures of before & after)!''....and then frozen pipes, broken pump and everything else in the middle....But Im back and I have couple of little and simple projects to share!!  for Easter and Mother Days!! Which are around the corner!!  So be ready to the journey start tomorrow again!
Too Much Show and I can't craft!! No POWER!!

My Driveway Before the Storm!

Same Drive way..after the storm!

Before the Storm

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