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February 06, 2013

Create your Own Personal Notes!

Personal Notes

Here is an easy idea...Design your own stationery using lace and doilies as inspiration.   They are very easy to do and materials are easy to find, just look for vintage handiwork at thrift stores, estate sales, even at craft stores such as Jo-Ann.  Small crocheted coasters are perfect and can decorate pre-made plain paper cards; you can dye one black for a graphic look, and use quick-drying crafts glue to adhere it to cardstock or a note card. 
You also can use the crochet and lace as stencils. Dip a stencil brush in acrylic paint and use a pouncing motion to apply it over the lace; remove the lace to leave the pattern behind. Use paper doilies from the wedding-supply aisle of the crafts store or lace-pattern decorative tape for other quick adornments.

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