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February 03, 2013

Today was a Busy Day!

Like many of you Saturdays are crazy..Full of errands and too little time to finish all of them!  Today my day started very early...My 1st task of the day.. photo club ..I need to admit..It was  a lot of fun! Photo Club Meet-up today was all about Cameras in your Smartphones and Antiques around town!  and My town is perfect for much history around here! we used the Camera + and Simply B&W apps! they are great for quick photos a snap ! take a look

B&W pursues !

Eclectic Stuff
Baby Vintage!

After Photos! I ran to Michelle' I forgot my other iPhone at the store the night before! Ohh No!!  total panic! my phone and ran to get groceries...ran home make dinner and put away all the groceries (hate that part!) ...done with that... and ran to my sewing class  (Yea! Im trying to learn...but just don't get your hopes to high..Im at a very beginning level! LOL...And finally to close the day...2 hrs conference call with Gals from Women Ministry!.....I was totally exhausted !!  But it was a good and productive day!...It was a good day!  Will see how it go next week! ;)

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