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July 23, 2010

My Newest Project

Hi Everyone!!

Well Couple of things in my Scrapbook world! For those one interested in learning Digital Scrapbooking Jessica just added a New updated Class of Up & Running V2....An excellent class for those who will like to start Digi and dosent know where to start!! I highly recommend it..and is also very affordable!!

Here were to find more Information!
Up & Running with Photoshop v.02, beginning digital scrapbooking.Register today! (Alumni of U&R receive a discount!)

The other updated, is that during the Month of August I will the Guess Artist to the Shazza Fabulus Blog "ARTastic Challenge Blog" This is a fantastic blog for those who will like to explore their Artistic side...every month she have a new Paint from some well know painter and participants will create a LO using the paint as their inspiration piece! But I blog more about that on the next post!

Then some remodeling!! As you all know ..we are selling our Jersey Home...and as part of the stagging ....I being looking for areas in the house I can improve or change to showcase the house better! which by the way is very exhausting Job!! as of today..I have basically change the entire house!! Well even that my Scrapbook are was "Organized" I was not totally happy with the way it this week I make some changes and sent to strorage...MANY of my Scrapbooking Supplies!!! (almost I love them alll) but I cant scrap until we move..due to the mess I alwyas made when working with my papaer!!

But......But....even that I manage to create this 3 frames for my wall to complement my Scrapbooking area! also add the sticker chandellier! which I LOVE...

Well here is one more photo of the finish product!! What do think??



More to Come!

Jackie :)

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