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July 15, 2010

Just a Though:Do you Need to Have Your "i" knocked Out

Be Kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another.
--Romans 12:10 KJV
My husband often taught on maturity in our
Christian walk. He said, "the Spirit of the world exalts self. Gimmee, gimmee
and get, get, get" This is a very unattractive attitude that, sadly, can be
found even among Christians. It seems that some folks are determined to become
famous and well-know regardless of who they have to knock over, step on, or drag down in the process.
It's shame when people think only of themselves --the big "I"--
and cease to care about others.
That doesn't sound like Jesus, does it? John said, "they need to have their "i" knocked out!" We need to seek God until we have a spirit that honors others above ourselves. The bible says we have not received the spirit of the world--we have the Spirit of God!
I encourage you to get your mind off yourself, and think about
helping someone else. Visit someone who is sick, and count your blessings that
you are healthy. Say "hello" to that lonely neighbor down the street, and thanks
God for your family and friends. Drop an extra check i the offering at church in
support of someone on the mission field. Success isn't measure in what you
accumulate for yourself-- it's what you do for others that counts with God

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