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January 28, 2010

The Color Palette Challenge

Hello everyone, here is a new challenge for all those scrapbooker who will like to improved their pages or give a new flair to it! How many times you browse over a magazine and saw that LO that just totally capture your eyes? At least in my case, it happen very often...Well part of the Magic behind those wonderful LO’s are the Color Pallets used to pop those picture (s).

(Note: This challenge in also hosted at here is the link! )

So let me share with some of the secrets

1. Keep Your Eyes Open - Look all around you for great color palettes and colors that work well together. Pay close attention to advertisements, nature and even interior decorating samples and clothing combinations.
2. Avoid Color Overload - Try to only use a few colors on each layout. A good rule to follow is 2-4 colors. This keeps the main focus on your photographs and not on the layout itself.
3. Busy Isn't Better - Avoid busy background papers with lots of colors and objects scattered all over them. The key is to keep the focus on the pictures, and when you use distracting colors and objects, you lose sight of what the main intent of the layout is.
4. Not sure of which color to use ? No problem! Use a Color Pallet generator. There many FREE in the Internet. Just need to up load the photo you want to use on your LO and the generator will give you the perfect colors that will match your LO perfectly!

Here are 3 I use very often and is Very Easy to use
b. Color Hunter (click on "upload Photo")
c. Huge Color Lab (love this one..very easy to use)

(nothing to download, just click and easy is that!)

Now that we know some of the secrets, let’s use it to our advantage!!

The Challenge:
Create a LO using a Color Palette generator, You will need to:
1. Post your Original Photo,
2. your Color Palette (it could be just the names of the colors)
3. your Final product “The LO” you make using these colors

Note: LO’s Could be Traditional or Digital

The Winner will receive a RAK from me...Join Anytime....Challenge ends February 28th

Here is my Color Pallete Example:

The Color Palette Challenge
And Here is my LO made with this Color Palette

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