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November 30, 2009

Worship..What do that Mean?

Today on my way to work I was reflecting on all the great blessings the Lord has gave me over this year and the nice time we expend with Cesar, Nancy and Kevin (MY brother-In-Law). .the blessing to have a family and to be able to shared one common love..the Love of Jesus. Sunday morning they join us during the morning worship service, but before that we had a Friday practice and something that Nancy mentioned just got stock on my head. But, it was not until today when I was reading my bible when it did come tougher to me. For many Sunday mornings I being worried about the clothes and how do I will look when I'm singing to the church, I was totally centered on me ,and not on what I was "Made for".

That Friday Nancy mentioned that sometimes people on worship team trying to stand out from the others..due to a better voice, better looks or just because they were looking for attention, but in her case, when she standup to sing ,she is just thinking about her praises to the Lord on high.! Hummmm, immediately I saw myself there, always looking for the perfect outfit to wear instead of learning and practicing the songs to worship the Love of my Live..My Dear Lord, Jesus! And today when I was reading the bible Imagine what came out "What did you Give God Today" the bibles call us to
!Give to the Lord the Glory he deserves! Bring your offering and come to worship him! Psalm 96:8

Two simple things to give him the glory in all things and Praise Him day and night. So What I learned over this weekend? well that is not about the fashion, the people singing voice, the Songs or the people at church. Is about your intimate time before the Lord doing what you were made for "Made To WORSHIP" So bother is your singing is off or if you don’t have the best outfit or about anything else, is just a private time between you and Abba father..

Hope this help you understand our purpose here on earth as it did to me..
Love Ya


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