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April 29, 2009

Fruit of the Spirit!

May is the official month of the girls at "If its Groovy" has selected this theme of the Month challange!! I was going crazy thing what in the world I was going to create!! As I don't Salads!! at ALLL!! So after some thought..I came up with this LO!

The Fruits Of the Spirt...Lead us into Blessed Life!! Hope you like it!!

Here is the journaling that goes with this LO...hope you like!

-Love are Strawberries Fruit of Love
-Joy are Pinenables...for Think on a Happy Smell
-Peace are Watermelons...for Refresh our Souls
-Patience are Lemons...Need to eat it slowly
-Gentleness are Peaches...Soft
-Goodness are Banana...Child Favorite Fruit
-Faith is Cherie ...Two together on a Stem
-Kindness are Grapes...Good to Share
-Selfcontrol are Apples...Garden of Eden

And here is My LO to Celebrate Mothers Day's...also displayed at "if Its Groovy"


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