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August 29, 2008

Frankie is now Settle at College!

Hi Everyone,

Well Finally after many tears and completely broke, Frankie is settle..We decorate his room Blue (of course!) we got curtains, bed comforter (x-large) what a detail!!.. it cost me two visit to the Mall!! as I bought the wrong size! We got posters, carpet, Plasma TV! better than the one I have at home!! , Books..of course he will also need to study =)...also got a fridge and some other stuff... arrive saturday to the dorms and there was a whole bunch of girls! helping the boys to move inn! they were great! the seniors students welcome him and help us with the set-up of the room..he got the bed on the top and Frankie is not tall! So..once again I ran to walmart and got a ladder ...Saturday afternoon was the moment to said good-bye! Very emotional ...all the Mom's were with red noses and
..everyone was wearing big sun glasses, You know to cover the swollen eyes ,but the red Rudolf nose..was an obvious indicator that we were all crying!! As I did too! I cried all the way back and even today I still crying! Oh well I guess that what Mom are for!! But I have peace because I trust in my Beloved God and I know he we will be watching over him! He will be fine...My prayer that God will guide him and help him all the way..and I know that is the way is going to be!!

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