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August 02, 2008

Cute Findings!

Well August is here ..and I just came back from the CKU convention!! during the convention I was lucky enough to meet Stacy Croninger, Editor-in-Chief of Papers & Craft Magazine and also Stacy Julian, editor and author of Simple Scrapbooks!!..Very cool and nice persons! Well what I could tell was simply fabulous! .The place was pack! and full of great things...there was a fabulous sale of all the Heidi Swap stuff and Melissa Frances!! Humm love it!! I bought everything ...well almost! There was a T-shirt which I though it was genius! it read...."My husband let me buy everything I could hide" ..OMG it was just so me!! Well in general was very good..if you have not been at one of these must go..they are full of great things and the people is just a blast!!

Here some pictures I took of some things I like!!

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