August 15, 2016

Happy Planner Inspiration Page

Hello Ladies

Im blown away with all the great pages and fellow Planner Girls out there!   so much creativity!!  Now one think i learned ...from this process of using my Planner!

When I started looking into all the Free printable!  My eyes couldnt believe wow such much eye candy i wanted ALL of I did!  LOL i have a folder like PACK with so many printable~!
But guess what...when I was decorating my Happy Planner i was totally happy and into...Until i actually needed to start writing ...Hummmm it was so busy that i was not able to see was to distracting!

So, after that i started to use mostly the Mambi stickers and Quotes and all fro this brand..a dn i love it...everything fix perfect and my planner look clean, beautiful and most of all fictional!  :)

Here are two examples...

 Too Busy...

Better..less busy but still cute and fictional ! :)

 Jackie :)

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