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March 03, 2013

Four Pocket Bag!

Happy Sunday!

Just came back from the Fabric store! as they were having 50% OFF event! I couldn't resist the temptation of getting some fabrics to put in practice some of the Sewing Classes lessons Im taking.  SO When I came home..with my new Purchase!  I looked at my Countertop at my Craft Room..and notice I had a project...waiting for me...and i just brought two more~  Hummm So what is the purpose, I said!! If I just keep buying and not actually finishing the project! Right?  ...well not..It is really fun to buy stuff  :)

Anyway I decided to finished my bag before i moved to my next project   ..and here is how it looks!  Is very very easy and simple ...It have 4 pockets! and I think is very cool..Well here is

Jackie :)

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