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April 29, 2010

Special and Extreme Days!

There is nothing as special as your Wedding day!! Is a day full of heartwarming memories! a day of happy tears and lots of expectations!! This April my dear friend Jane married Jason and 1st and only love!! they know each other since elementary School and it was Love at 1st sight! Hope you like so of the pictures of their wedding and take the time to remember your how special was your own wedding day !!

Here is my friend John!! he is totally crazy ...I will never..ever jump out of that think!! But he Love it!! I guess that is and "Extreme" guy!! LOL Ohh well ..he love it!!



Dawn said...

These are wonderful Jackie! I'm following you! I write about random things: life, marriage, family, scrapbooking, photography, humor, etc. A little bit of everything! Hope you'll follow me too!

I hope you will come see me and follow me too.


I can also be found and followed through NetworkedBlogs @

Jackie said...

Hi Dawn!! Thanks for stopping by!! I always look for your stories at FB...also....just join your followrs 2~~ Hugs

look for more!

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