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December 22, 2009

Caribbean Coconut Cake My Style! (Vote for ME)

Coming from the Caribbean we grow up eating and testing the delicious flavor of the coconut, (same as my two Kids, which are teenagers now). For this thanksgiving my youngest Son (Luis) asked me if I could do a different kind of desert from what we usualy eat at this time of the year...From there we started to work on this recipe..we tried different fillings, different liqueurs and different frostings! until finally! the big revel....this recipe was born, tested and was a total hit with all my family and friends. The cake is soft and moist with a simple based taste of almond, the filling and the frosting are nicely flavored with the coconut essence, but it doesn't over power your pallet and then it is covered with delicious toasty everyone is clear about what flavor is this delightful cake! is just perfect!! Try it you will love it tooo!

Now, after publishing my recipe I was approach by the editor of an "upcoming" Cooking Book..and if my recipe get Enough votes I could be in the NEXT BOOK!! So PLEASEEE I need your vote!! Here is the Link!



Here Another better and Improve version of My Cake!! I called Border Line Coconut and Apricot Cake!

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