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July 09, 2009

A Torres Tradition

l was thinking the other day on the nice times I spend with my dear husband on daily know those little things that always stick to your "wife heart" and I need to said that one of the one's that I enjoy the most are those 15 to 20 min i spend with Manuel before we go to work. Manuel normally wake-up before me..and I stay sleeping or better said procrastinating ..just 5 more min..please...

Meantime He already clean-up the dishes and make fresh coffee..while I still dragging my self out the bed! then finally the smell of fresh brew coffee wakes me up and finally I get ready! ..When i get to kitchen..there is my DH and My Dear cup of coffee waiting for me..
During this time we just sit and talk about the things pending for the day, the news, traffic, work, the kids! well we just catch-up on a great time..then he kiss me good-bye and I bless him for the day!

Is the peferct start of a busy day!

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

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