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June 03, 2009

Okay It's Game Time!!

Its its Groovy is having the most fun blog train ever! this one is about Games, Challenges and Prices!! Humm Not Bad ah!! ..Here is how to play...each CT member will have a game or Challenge on their blog which you could or not! play But if you play... some of them will have great goodies to give away...You will go from Blog to Blog collecting your stuff until you drop!!

Nice!!! So Are you ready to Play!!

Okay lets be real...Pac-Man... Who didn't love that's 80s video game. Who didn't spend every quarter available to play this game...I did!! and it was soooo much fun!!

So in honor of those good old days....THE CHALLENGE will be
Do a page with white dots

(like Pac-man ate up) all over it. It does not need to include a Pac-man but if you incorporate a yellow circle with the a slice out of it, you get KUDOs.

For this challenge the Prize, will be a 5$ Gift certificate from a Scrapbooking Store of your choise soon I will post a Quick Page for you grasp!!

I will accept Digi and Tradiditional LO's" just leave a comment with a link to your LO and your will be running for the grand Prize!! more thing LO's need to New ! MAY 15 OR Newer


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Marci said...

Here is mine, Jackie!

AllAmy said...

Great challenge (if I do say so myself). hee hee

Here is my dott eating LO


Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper) said...

Very cool challenge Jackie! I can't wait to have time to do more of these challenges too. So much fun!

Lynnette Davis said...

Hey Jackie! You can find my take to this challenge on my blog titled "Where is PACMAN when you need him?"

Jackie said...

So Cool! Lady Love all the LO!!

Mardi said...

Fun challenge Jackie!
Here is my creation:

Niki_Ray said...

Here is My Pac man inspired LO TY for the fun!! XoXo Niki_Ray

Groovy Deborah said...

Hey Jackie T! Here is my lo for your challenge. It is listed in the scrapbookdotcom gallery:

It has been ACE having you participating in the 80'c Crop Blog Hop!

look for more!

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