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June 19, 2008

Graduation Day.. You Did it!

Well, Graduation Day was today!! My Baby is moving on and getting a new start..Now he is a college Man!! And all the glory goes to my dear God! After many struggles, changes, sad days and happy days..He finally did it! My prayer is that He will guard him and guide him...And that my Son will keep his heart very close to God! and keep "Strong" on his faith during this upcoming years and for the rest of his days! I know that with my Lord on his heart..Everything will be just fine! God bless you Frank and keep the good work!

To share with you Today's pictures (some of them!) Now I need to create my pages!! Hope you like it!


mail4igy said...
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mail4igy said...

HOLA!!! I finally made it to your blog... and I love it! Congrats to you both: Mom and Frankie. WOW, time flies. Geez. Is he really in college?!?!? May God bless him greatly. I'm excited for him. Love ya! Muah... ;)


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